Help with getting 3rd monitor working via DP to DVI adapter please!!


Nov 29, 2009
Hi all,

I obtained a cheap 3rd monitor and want to add it to my existing dual setup. Here are the specs

Video card
AMD Radeon HD 6770 (Gigabyte GV-R677D5-1GD; 1x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-I)

Asus x223w (via DVI-D single link cable)
Asus x223w (via HDMI to DVI-D dual link cable)
HP 2011x (via "active" DP to DVI adaptor, DVI-D single link cable)

I have "active" in quotes for the dongle because it was purchased on eBay and was advertised as an active adapter. I know that for my setup I'll need an active adapter and at a glance I seem to have everything I need in place for it to work but the problem is that it doesn't.

I can have any combination of 2 monitors working at once but it refuses to extend to all 3 monitors. Unless I'm completely missing something I suspect that the adapter is actually passive instead of active. Also, does DVI cable matter from the adapter to the monitor? Should it be a dual link DVI cable instead of a single link.

If someone could give me some pointer I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.



If you unplug one of the other monitors and the adapter works when there's only two, then yes it's probably a passive adapter.

The DVi cable doesn't matter, SL-DVI cable will work just fine.

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