Question Help with IPv6 on OPNSense with Comcast ISP ?


Apr 13, 2012
Any help for setting up IPv6 on OPNsense for Comcast? I have DHCPv6 running for WAN and it's pulling an address. LAN has "track interface" and is tracking WAN and is showing both an ipv6 link-local address and an ipv6 address.

Windows clients are getting a link-local ipv6 address but I cannot hit ipv6 websites. On the router, I can do an ipv6 ping to and that works. I can ping ipv6 from windows client to windows client and that works. Clients are getting Internet access but only ipv4.

Any thoughts?

Update: setting "router advertisements [LAN]" to "Assisted" has done the trick. Leaving this here in case it helps someone.
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You know I have actually forgotten how to setup a router to use IPv6. ISP used to give you a small block of IPv6 addresses but now I see there is some kind of ipv6 nat used sometimes.

I have always just turned off IPv6 and advise most people to turn off IPv6 because of all the random performance issues many people see.

Is there some reason you need to use IPv6.