Question Help with lag


Dec 17, 2014
Im having lag issues and i think i have narrowed it down to my Nighthawk X6S R8000P. My ISP is ATT Uverse 20mbs (which i never get that speed usually 15mbps). Arris BGW210-700 Modem. I bought the Nighthawk because my 2 boys both have PS4s and they were having issues connecting and play Fortnite. It seems the NHawk helped but now it seems i am lagging all the time. I have a PS4 Pro and gaming PC, both are hardwired with Cat5e. When i have the Nhawk router plugged in it lags my games out and i run a 300 - 500ms ping in CoD MW. Soon as i unplug it then it will go away. I done a tracerte to google with the NHawk unplugged and plugged in. Plugged in i was getting 200ms on the first 2 jumps and 30ms on the last and sometimes 200 on all 3 jumps. If i unplug it i get 30 - 40 ms all the way. Any help ? I know just enough about networking to be dangerous lol.

Since the box you call a modem is actually a router with a DSL modem you really should not need the netgear box. You would only use this other router if it has some software feature or maybe better wifi than the router from att. If it fixes it to not use the netgear then unless you have some really good reason I would just use the ATT box.

Since you are using ethernet cables I can see no reason to even have the netgear. It also will be simpler to trouble shoot with only 1 router.

You have the correct concept. See which hop is causing the issue. Leave constant ping run to hop 1 and hop 2. This should be your router and the first ISP network router assuming you have removed the netgear. If you see issues in hop1 then there is some problem with either your PC or the router. This is extremely unlikely on a ethernet connection. The router would have to be very busy doing something to not have time to respond to you. High ping in hop 2 generally means you have a over utilization issue when you are using a DSL connection. With only 20mbps even someone watching netflix can use all the bandwidth. It is also likely your upload rates are even lower and games and discord also us upload rates.

I really don't know why plugging and unplugging the netgear causes lag issues. Maybe you have it configured incorrectly. Using the same IP range on the wan and lan causes all kinds of issues but most routers prevent this configuration.