Help with Linux and Minecraft server?


Jan 16, 2014
Hi, I have been hosting a 24/7 Bukkit Minecraft server for me and some friends on this old Windows XP computer I have. Now, the server runs *ok* on the machine, but it could run a lot better. The machine only has a single core cpu and 3 gb of ram (I'm not even sure how the server runs on that :|) Now, as is with everything, I thought Linux would be a better option than XP. So, I searched around and came accross this, a Linux version made to do exactly what I want from it. So, I downloaded it, started it up in VirtualBox on my personal PC to test it, and set it up. It worked fine, the web control panel worked fine, I was able to join my Minecraft server just fine, as was the friend I got to test it out. But, the issue I have is I want to import the world that we had all been working on for a long time on my old server. And it says on the wiki (that I think may have been translated from another language) how to import it. But It says to put the .zip of the world in /var/games/minecraft/import. On the server computer or on my computer? Guessing the server computer, I access it via an FTP client, only to find out that there is no directory with that name anywhere. So, if this is common in Linux, or if any of you have used this before, what do I do here?
EDIT: Also, I posted on that site's forums a week ago, but no response. I think its community may be dead :p
I have no idea how Minecraft server on Linux works. The path given "/var/games/minecraft/import" is specified in Linux terms, so most probably this Wiki refers to your target Linux server. You have to find out by yourselves how to do the "export" from your existing XP-based server.

In order to access your server over FTP, you have to configure it properly. I would suggest to upload the file to your Linux home directory, which you have access to over FTP, then log-in over SSH to the server and manually moving that file to /var/games/blabla