Question Help with my friends PC build


Feb 24, 2019
I got my friend into building his own PC, he used to have a prebuilt with an i5 2400 and like 8gb ddr3 and a gtx 650. I told him if he wanted more performance he could buy the parts and build the pc himself. So he did, and I gave him a pcpartpickerlist as follows:

Gigabyte B450 DS3H
Ryzen 5 2600, GTX
1650 SUPER Zotac,
16GB DDR4 ram which I believe are the corsair ones,
Kingston 120GB SSD,

When all his parts came he was able to build it but the pc did not turn on to which we thought was the mobo. Later on he told me if the psu worked his rgb fans would turn on and it did not, so i told him to check the cables and make sure everything is in properly. After hours of trying to figure the issue out we just came to the conclusion that the power supply was faulty (the pre built he had came with an apevia 500 W power supply that i told him wasnt gonna last long)

So I told him to grab a new PSU which ended up being the Thermaltake Smart 500W (the same one I have). After waiting, he installed the power supply and the system worked! Although he could not turn off the pc without switching the power supply off?

After a week he went to play and it turned on as usual but nothing came on the screen not even the BIOS. I told him I had this issue before and just reset the cmos on the mobo, and check if the ram and cables are in place correctly. After doing that nothing came on the screen?

We've been going back and forth on fixes on nothing worked, he also said his keyboard was not lighting up while the pc was turned on and once again he could not turn off his pc without turning off the psu even if he held down the power button on his case. Could anyone help us? I told him that I could write a forum post on here for him in the meantime.


Two thoughts:

1) That Kingston 120 GB SSD is likely too small. 240 GB is the minimum recommendations. Check how full the 120 GB SSD is.

2) Shutting down - does he use the mouse to tell Windows to shutdown and then allow Windows to do so completely? If not, he may be causing file corruption problems because Windows is not able to properly do its own housecleaning etc. before shutting down.

Especially if some update or upgrade was in progress. Maybe even for some application he installed.

He should not have to touch either the PSU power switch or the case switch to shut down.