Question Help with Radiator mount position - air flow


Jan 27, 2015
I am building a custom loop PC and just about to mount radiators with the case View 71.

This is the stock photo I found on google. This is pretty much where I was thinking to mount radiators onto.
But, isn't this setup bad for the airflow?
FRONT: 3 x 120mm fans pushing air in to the case but
SIDE mounted radiator pulling air out as soon as the air comes in from the front?
So here, I am not sure if I should just mount the radiator to the front side and leave the side blocked with a plate.

Any advice will be helpful.
Thanks in advance.


You've made a good observation on that case, which is why I don't like much of what Thermaltake are making these days. Regardless, you should have the rads at the front(not the side) and the top, with the fans at the front set to intake and the fans at the top radiator set to exhaust.


With a custom loop setup, the bigger issue is pushing air through the radiator to remove the excess heat contained within.

In theory, the cooler the air, the better - but in practice, the airflow is more important than the strict air temperature (to a point).

Airflow passing over the VRMs on the board will be beneficial - and if the Rad is taking the majority of the 'new' air straight out again, you're going to be limited to any top fans pulling air over the VRM, which is not ideal.

I would expect a front-mounted Radiator pulling air in coupled with a top Rad exhausting air would be the optimal setup, but I don't think you're looking at more than a couple of degrees difference - certainly not to the point of "bad" vs "good" cooling.


Contributing Writer
I happen to like my Level 20VT, but we're talking a bit differently on this one. Very different design.

However, I think you might be overthinking the airflow direction more than you need to, however I do commend you for thinking this detailed on the configuration as it is important overall.

As long as the front panel fans are supplying enough cool air to the inside of the case, you should be fine on the radiators and their positions. Where people run into issues is when they aren't able to adequately provide enough cool airflow to supply all the components (and fans) which ultimately need it.