Help with replacing Isp router/modem


Aug 29, 2012
My Isp gave me a router/modem which is not that reliable and I can't really use solely my aftermarket one because it has to have VOIP (or the phones at home won't work at all which I don't really use but it's nice to have) and something called hybrid connection (which basically accepts a Sim card inside and combines 4g network with dsl*).

Possible solution:
What I though of doing Is use the Isp router as a modem and route the internet through my router and let it handle the wifi and ethernet connections.
Is that a good idea?

I Would really prefer an alternative though which does not include my isp router/modem.

Are there any aftermarket routers/modems that accept Sim cards and have voip?

Is there any other modem router combinations I could try?

Could I use something like this? Or is there any better one?

Any help will be gladly accepted. Thanks!

(*I currently live on an island with unstable dsl internet so 4g helps alot..)

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