Question Help with setup of PC, AVR, and TV ?

Feb 5, 2023
Hi Guys

I have a big problem with sound and my set up. I have monitor that im using for games due to its 165hz refresh rate. Its connected to pc by display port. I have also av receiver connected to pc by hdmi. AVR is connected by hdmi to TV (for movies only) by pass through output. Now, to have a sound from pc on AVR I need to have monitor and tv turn on and display needs to be duplicated. As soon as I turn off TV no sound from AVR. I have tried to connect pc with AVR by optical but no sound either. What the heck is wrong and what am I doing wrong?

thanks for all help


That's the nature of it and very common issue amongst many people trying to do this. What graphics card you got? Wouldn't matter me asking anyway because i don't think neither Amd or Nvidia have audio only setting for individual hdmi/DP output. I seen Intel's igpu software does but running motherboard video might not be doable. Because of this, video and audio is sent as whole data package and when tv is turned off Windows/ gpu drivers thinks avr is off also.

Optical should be working from motherboard. Check it's set to use that in Windows playback devices. What Avr do you have? My Avr has multiple Hdmi/optical inputs each under it's own channel category set. Ie Bluray, Digital TV, DVD, DVR, CD, each with Hdmi and optical inputs. On remote i set which input i want, make sure optical isn't plugged in same input category as Hdmi from your graphics card.

Motherboard audio should work but you may be limited to 2.1 audio. An alternative would be to add Dolby Digital Live/ DTS Connect sound card that decodes stereo audio and compresses in to 5.1 surround on the fly and sends it over optical. Creative and Asus sell sound cards with DDL/DTS Connect.