[SOLVED] Help with undervolting Rx570

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There's two ways of undervolting.
  1. Full manual like the guy in your video is doing. This shouldn't affect even 1% lows. In fact it should improve them initially because you're achieving a more stable clock speed because you're not constantly bumping against the power limit ceiling.
  2. Leaving everything on auto and sliding a "voltage offset" slider. That's going to reduce your clock speed because the GPU is still riding along the "stock" frequency/ voltage curve.
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Jul 16, 2018
As an FYI, here's some points along the curve that I've generally found stable for most cards.

1000MHz = 890mV
1100MHz = 910mV
1200MHz = 940mV (this 940mV is typically an inflection point on the curve, it gets steeper above this value. Notice that values below this are ~25mV/100MHz and values above are 100mV/100MHz)
1300MHz = 1030mV
1400MHz = 1150mV

If the stock frequency was 1244MHz, it would seem to me that auto voltage would probably feed around 1075mV (even though it may have been higher when you unlocked it in the WattMan window). In that case, the GPU may have been getting ~1075mV on Auto voltage anyway. Did you see 1150mV in GPUz for a significant period of time (or was it just a brief spike)?

My personal MSI Gaming X RX480 8GB supplies ~1075-1125mV @ 1305MHz when left on Auto voltage.
For some reasons, I managed to get stable 1455mhz @ 1140mV on my powercolor rx 570 lmao, but i rarely use that preset since it got hot real quick, even tho i managed to stay under 80c