Jan 24, 2013
Hey guys i am getting a new computer and am wondering if i can play world at war zombies on it. It is a HPP62330 with a Radeon A6-5400K graphics card. I have no idea so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D
defiantly not mate its pretty low end its primary uses are
Smooth multitasking and HD video chat
Impressive pro-quality video creation
Fast Web browsing, email and social media
Fast photo editing and sharing
Responsive performance for the best accelerated application experience on everyday tasks

no mention at all for gaming.
for the same price on ebay you can find a phenom 2 quad core second hand that will give propper gaming perfomance.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMD-Phenom-II-X2-550-3-1-GHz-Socket-AM3-Dual-Core-Processor-NEW-/140900500047?pt=UK_Computing_CPUs_Processors&hash=item20ce53024f £55+5pnp
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMD-HDZ965FBGMBOX-PHENOM-II-X4-965-3-4GHZ-BLACK-SKT-AM3-L2-L3-8MB-125W-PIB-/350699472635?pt=UK_Computing_CPUs_Processors&hash=item51a75146fb £80
the gfx card is pure junk for gaming. it only has 16 cuda cores which is about 50 short of whats needed to play games... even at the most basic settings...

the reason for its relativity high price is its a low profile unit for micro atx video systems
you can get a gaming grade card for 100 or less that will have enough grunt to play games.
so unless your really trying to run it off a watch battery buy proper components. not low power, low performance video/web browsing parts.