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Question Heqting after bios update hp

Jun 21, 2021
I updated BIOS on hp pavilion 15 au101tx from f.14 to f.56 , now it heats too much what may be solution ?, Or can i roll back bios?


Read over this guide and make sure you followed it correctly, that includes "removing" old thermal paste residue with a "Lil" bit of acohol with a lint free paper towel.
Let it dry for little, then you apply your new thermal paste as the guide says, here I'll show you better thermal paste to keep your hp cooler.

Low end laptops like hp love this crap, "don't ask why" >_> https://www.newegg.com/arctic-cooling-actcp00004b/p/N82E16835186224?Description=artic mx-2&cm_re=artic_mx-2-_-35-186-224-_-Product&quicklink=true

For the heck of it, you boot into your laptop, go to your uefi system screen, show me the current tempature once you did what I asked of you. it should stay 28c idle load, full load should be under 40c which is normal.
Make sure there is no dust or debris in your laptop, otherwise it will get all hot and stuffy again.