Review HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S Snow Review: Pretty, White, and Very Niche

Sep 17, 2022
I have the HHKB Professional Classic. It's similar to this, but doesn't have the silenced switches or the bluetooth.

Not everyone will like the Topre switches. I find that they have a nice, soft feel to them, and I can type quite fast using them. I also like the Cherry MX Brown switches, and those are similar in that they're not really noisy and clacky. I think the Browns are more tactile than the Topre switches, which don't really have a tactile bump or click.

I use my HHKB on a smooth, hard surface, and I don't have any issues with it moving around. I think that the feet on it work well to keep it from sliding. I suppose that a lighter keyboard might slide more, but I don't discount the effect that the feet have versus the weight - and it isn't really a heavy keyboard.

When deciding to buy an HHKB, the layout was a big factor. I loved using the keyboards that came with things like Sun workstations back in the '90s. I had been remapping my keyboards to use with Linux and the Mac to be more like the Sun keyboards. With the HHKB I don't have to do any remapping.

I haven't used Windows in a long time, so I can't speak to it directly. If you use Linux, a Mac, Unix, FreeBSD, etc., you'll like the HHKB. It's aimed at people that do a lot of typing and keep their hands on the keyboard. It's great for coders, sysadmins, DevOps people, and for writers. It's probably not so great for gaming, although if you're a gamer you might want to check out the Realforce Topre keyboards, which have Topre switches in more standard layouts.

If you like the layout and the Topre switches, next you have to think about the price. It's more expensive than some other keyboards out there. However, the HHKB is built really well, and I've talked to people who have had them for 20+ years and they're still working fine. They fit nicely in a small carrying bag (HHKB even sells one if you want), so it's easy to carry around with you. That way I don't need a nice keyboard for home and one for work. One HHKB might be less expensive than 2 of whatever other keyboard you'd get.

So far I've only been speaking about the HHKB that I have. It's a wired keyboard, not a BT one. I found that the HHKB I have felt worth buying, but I didn't feel like spending the extra money for the Hybrid with BT. You'll have to make your own decision on that.

The HHKB doesn't take up much room on your desk, it's very portable, it's a dream to type on, and everything is within reach of my hands when resting in their normal position on the home row. BTW, the keycaps are PBT, so they have a nice feel and texture too. It's a great tool if you spend your days typing.