Hi I need to upgrade my GPU to a gtx 970 need a liitle help please checkout my build and suggest


Jun 22, 2015
Corsair value select 4gb 1600mhz x 2
And fx 6300 oced to 3.8 GHz
Stock cooler
Cooler master case elite 350 with 400w PSU
Amd 7770 1gb graphic card
Asus m5a78l USB 3.0 motherboard
This is my current config.I need to play witcher 3 bf4 and ACU maxed so I am upgrading to gtx 970.my question is
1.will gtx 970 bottleneck fx6300
2.should I upgrade my ram PSU or get any extra cooler
3.how much fps can I expect in high end games
1. I don't see any reason for bottleneck with the cpu/gpu.
2. You'll need a good quality 550-600 watt PSU to use GTX 970 with overclocked fx-6300.
3. Should be able to max most games 60fps @ 1080p on high settings, maybe some on Ultra.

Rosewill CAPSTONE Series 550- $39.99 after rebate
High quality branded Superflower PSU.


May 7, 2013
Two things to say, one is you WILL need a new PSU. After running an extremely similar setup to yours for a couple of weeks, the PSU gave out and screwed the computer. Had to take it to a tech at a shop to have it fixed and I don't do that unless it's last resort. Also, you can over clock your cpu way more than that. The FX series are very over clock able. I have my 6300 at 4.6 GHz right now, even had it at 4.1 with the stock cooler seeing as amd upped their game with the stock 6300 cooler in particular over the other FX CPUs. Seeing as I have both a 6300 and a 970, you can trust me when u say you won't be let down. Tomb raider on ultra, crysis 3 on almost total ultra, wolfenstein, same thing. All smooth as can be and seemingly over 60 fps constantly with maybe the exception of crysis at about 50.

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