Question High-end Gaming Mouse Disconnecting at Random Intervals

Jan 23, 2020
System Specs:

The mouse: Razer Viper

i7-9700k @4.7GHz
RTX 2070 Super
16 GB 3200MHz RAM
Aorus Ultra z390 mobo
M.2 SSD for OS
850W PSU

Hi. So I've had an issue with my Razer Viper where it randomly disconnects, maybe once a day. It lasts about a second but is really annoying considering I'm probably playing a competitive game when it happens. It happens in any game (from any launcher or platform), as well as on the desktop. It's not a massive deal, but the curious thing is I've tried two other mice for months on end and haven't had this issue. It's strictly the Razer Viper. Even after support replaced my Viper about 2 weeks ago, the new one is having the same issue. I've turned off the USB power saving mode, and have tried multiple ports. I've also tried both with and without the official software for the mouse. The wireless edition of the mouse (Razer Viper Ultimate) actually had a similar issue that was addressed with a firmware patch. They haven't said a thing on the wired edition which I have and I've had trouble finding any cases of it online. Note, this is only happening with my Razer Viper, not any other mouse that I know of.
I haven't reacted quick enough to check the time the mouse disconnects to correlate with the event viewer. This is what I'll do if I remember the next time it happens. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Aug 16, 2020
Do you have the Razer software installed? That could be the culprit.

If yes, you do have it installed, try bringing the polling rate to 500 and see if it disconnects you still.

I've been using my Viper Mini for months now without it(razer software). Well I installed it once to raise my DPI to 1800 but then I uninstalled it immediately.