Question High Ping Fluctation with Cox after recent move


Jan 3, 2014
After moving from VA (Fios) to New England (Cox) I am experiencing high fluctuations when playing online games. For example, when playing League of Legends, the ping will fluctuate between 60-110 or so. The high ping isn't the issue, its the lack of consistency which makes playing online games extremely difficult. The problem remains in both wired and wireless connection. The modem/router combo is Panoramic brand and is fresh out of the box as of a few weeks ago. I tried using programs such as Haste to see if that would fix the issue however it did not. I also used multiple different laptops and the ping issues are similar for both.

I also did something that I saw suggested elsewhere which was to ping in the command prompt and I saw similar spiking ping up and down. I contacted Cox and their only suggestion was to reset the router, which did not work. Is this something that I am just going to have to deal with?
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Make sure you only test on ethernet.
First test the ping to the router IP itself. This should be extremely stable ping.

Now run tracert to Leave a ping run to the ip in hop 2. For most people this represents the connection between your house and the ISP. Generally is you see ping spikes in this connection it is because of overload. Be very sure nobody in your house is exceeding the bandwidth up or down. Your router may show utilization.

Although it is uncommon it could be because of too much traffic from your neighbors. Your ISP will never admit this. Generally it will be much less very early in the morning and high in the early evening.

If the latency issue is not in the first 2 hops it will be very hard to fix. You can run tracert and ping various nodes in the trace but you will have issues getting things fixed if it is in another ISP. Also be aware pinging a individual router in the trace may not mean anything if that particular router is configure not prioritize ping response.
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