High Ping to Router on One PC


Oct 6, 2014
Hey there. I recently seem to be getting a problem where if I launch a game (Garry's Mod, OSRS) my ping to the router spikes, even on main menus. Here is a before and after screenshot, before I open the game and after.

I've looked around and have found the issue can be related to the CPU. I'm using an Intel i5 8600k which reaches around 30% load in GMod and 30°C.

Any help would be appriciated :)


Aug 24, 2016
I have an ASUS WiFi card and haven’t seen this behaviour in BF1 which I understand will saturate many CPUs (I have a 4790K and a 1080ti).

There are too many variables and you need to try and narrow down the problem.

Is this symptomatic eg do you ‘feel’ a ping up to 3.5seconds in games and in games that have a ping counter can you see this evident in-game? - trying to distinguish if it’s some kind of NIC or router QoS relegating ICMP packets.

If you run the ping test with a prime95 multi core burn on your CPU do you see the same ping spike problem or not? - trying to test your CPU saturation theory

If you run the test from a wired network connection do you see the same problem or not? - trying to identify a WiFi problem

What router or wireless access point are you using? - same as above

Are you using 2.4 or 5GHz WiFi and if the former have you tried switching to the latter?

The ping spikes up to 73ms before the game is opened suggest some kind of intermittent packet loss which is only going to be exacerbated when your system is trying to send more packets e.g when online gaming. Even on the main menu games can be doing things in the background. Likewise the ASUS driver stack and/or the router may be beginning to prioritise gaming traffic over other traffic.