News Holographic Side Panel Turns Your PC Into a 3D Showpiece

Dec 21, 2022
My front and side panels are glass, everything inside is clear to see, the synced LED pulse pattern of the tops of the 4 RAM sticks is both pleasing and comforting, like a beating heart. To assume that people add visual flair to their belongings for the sake of others or 'likes' is shortsighted at best and toxic at worst, I've never shared a picture of my build anywhere. In fact I have a low opinion of those who don't see the value in making something your own regardless of practicality. Specifically in regard to this product while it is overpriced and the tech has existed for a long time and could be hacked together cheaply DIY, it's interesting and I see no reason at all to deride it, as long as you aren't restricted to their designs and can make your own.
May 6, 2022
Is it really “Holographic”?

Holograms by their very nature are 3D and this is a 2D projection, ie, flat.

Think you could achieve the same results disassembling a monitor removing the frame and backlights…
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I personally am anti RGB however this panel could be a fun thing depending on the limitations of the image.

Also for people who do design it could be useful for showing your work in an interesting way. (especially for artists who mainly work with the VR/vtuber model making)


Jun 14, 2022
Looks like persistence of vision; NOT holography.
This exists on poi & LED staves. An LED strip that has individually programmable LED's recieves 'slices' that are callibrated to it's rotational position and the rest is basic fan blur. looks like total crap as compared to the holographic photo frame that LTT showed off in one of his videos.
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May 17, 2022
I'm curious if people sit and stare at their PC case to watch the RGB lights? Are they doing illicit drugs beforehand? Is that what a holographic side panel is about? Just asking...

Yes. Yes we do. No drugs. It's just a nice calming, relaxing, happy space-out place I can go while I'm thinking. The lights are pretty, the hardware is gorgeous, there is not a spec of dust anywhere to be seen, and I, little old me, all by myself, I built it. But I do agree that this spinny-LED 2D panel that misleadingly calls itself holographic, is hideous.