Question How can i extend the tange of my repeater with aother router?


Oct 2, 2013
Hi Community

I currently have the current setup.

Main Router to Wifi repeater.

In the furthest corner of my house i have a my old desktop pc that does have WiFi connections. However, zi have a spare router, tplink Archer C2 router.

The big issue is that this PC falls out of the range of the main router but would fall in the range of the extender.

I would like to know if its possible to set this router up in such a way, that in can connect it to my PC via ethernet cable, while the second router piggy-backs on the repeaters wifi signal, allowing me to connect to the internet in this manner?

So the final set up would look like this:

Main router - (wifi) - Repeater - (wifi) - Second router - (ethernet cable) - PC

Thank you all inadvance.

Without looking up that router it is hard to say if it can run in the mode you need. It must support clinet-bridge mode.
Still it will likely make no difference. If you PC receives a bad signal the router will receive the same bad signal. Now maybe it makes a small difference if you antenna on your wifi card are partially blocked but it is unlikely. You could do crazy stuff like run a really long ethernet cable and put it closer to the main router or the repeater.

I am unsure why if the pc is in range of the repeater why it does not work. That is the reason you buy repeaters is so you can connect to them when you can not contact the main router.