Question How can I get my C HDD drive to not get stuck on the "verifying DMI pool data" screen?

May 31, 2019
I might have done it wrong, but I wanted to move my operating system to a new SSD card. from a 128 gig flashdrive i created a recovery drive. I chose the advanced startup option (which may have been my mistake) and I put the flashdrive in the computer and chose the recovering PC option. when it got to 75% it said "there was a problem recovering. no changes were made". I then turned off the computer, took out the recovery drive, and started it up again. now my C drive that has my operating system on it wont start up, and it freezes on the "verifying DMI data pool" screen. I went into my BIOS and made the drive the priority but still gets stuck. I also went to the command prompt and typed "