How can I get my PC to output in 10bpc (my monitor and graphics card both support it).


Sep 20, 2017
I use a ViewSonic VP2770-LED monitor capable of 32-bit 10bpc color and have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics card capable of the same so why won't Windows 10 display it? I have tried test images and such and it won't work. I even have Full Dynamic Range 0-255 selected in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
well first, in NVIDIA control panel, you need to go to the "change resolution" section. From there, you can choose a 10bpc.

But if you're not using the proper connection type, then that might be why you're not seeing any option for changing it.

Also, what purpose do you have for enabling this? You using any programs capable of displaying images or videos that are 10bit?
Cuz with 10bpc, applications need to use DirectX for their render engine since it's directly linked with DirectX on NVIDIA's side of things.

Don't see much in the way of OpenCL/GL supporting 10bpc.

So programs like photoshop are out of the question as far as I can tell.

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