Question How can I not have administrator permission if I am the only user?

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May 4, 2014
So is there some way to make every file, program, setting and folder on my PC just let me do what I want with them? I built my PC and installed Windows from scratch. I did move an old hard drive over as well so I get the files on that drive would see my old user account as their owner/creator. Otherwise, I should have full permission/power over my PC.
If I look in the folder for that old drive it says to even access I need permission. That doesn't work and I end up having to take ownership of the folder just to view the files inside. Interesting enough, if I choose "apply to all files and subfolders" it will let me open a subfolder, but all other files I have to go in 1 at time and change ownership and permission.
Meanwhile, when I go to change a Windows setting I see "some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization". This is my personal PC, no one else uses it and it's not part of a group or organization of any kind.

Really appreciate any help.


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Permissions thing sounds about right for a hdd previously in another system.

are you on win 10 home or Pro? if on Pro you could try option 1 here, otherwise try the other 2.
If you use the regedit option, back it up first -

You are only human user but windows has a few it users to do the tasks you ask of it. System and Trustedinstaller are 2 such users. They have higher access than you do to many parts of windows. You don't want to be the one who has to approve everything, you wouldn't get anything done. Having said that they shouldn't stop you using settings.
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Mar 16, 2013
Take Ownership, yes.
Those Libraries are owned by the previous user in the old PC.
One of the many reasons to not use those locations. The Libs carry the permissions.

"some of these settings ..."
Did you recently do a Windows Update? Sometimes that appears for a day or two.
Which specific version of Win 10 is this?