Question How can I play Minecraft 1.17?

Aug 25, 2021
My computer has
Processor : intel pentium E5700@3.0GHz
RAM : 4gb
Graphic card : Intel G33/G31 express chipset with openGL 2.1

Previously (before 1.17 update) I can enjoy minecraft but when i try to play minecraft, it is showing GLFW Error. Also with TLauncher, i tried to play previous versions but no use. The same Error is occurring. I also tried MESA, but no use. Although i could not completely install mesa. I have only solution, Install MESA properly. Please Tell how to install MESA or any other solutions to play minecraft.
As stated in the minimum system requirements for Minecraft v1.17, you need a GPU with OpenGL 4.4.

Technically, the GMA3100 IGP in the G31 or G33 chipset only has OpenGL 2.1 drivers for Linux--for Windows it's only OpenGL 1.4. And Minecraft v1.17 removed all fixed-function rendering so now uses shaders in minimum OpenGL 3.2 mode.