Question How come tools such as Hard Disk Sentinel and CrystalDiskInfo display completely different temp values from programs like core temp?

Nov 24, 2021
I'm a newbie when it comes to computers. Was trying to figure out how my computer kept overheating and turning off when the temperature according to Hard Disk Sentinel is around 42 degrees celcius. Meanwhile after installing core temp it's show me values above 80 degrees celsius, which I assume is the real temperature. But why are the numbers so different?
PC doesnt have single temperature sensors
hard disk sentinel shows temperature of you drive(s), if drive overheat, it wont shutdown your PC
core temp shows temperatures from your CPU, cpu if it overheats will slowdown to a crawl, it shouldnt shutdown your PC (unless its already on its lowest clock and still overheats)

mainboard vrm or another sensors nearby cpu/vrm area or power delivery can shutdown PC

use hwinfo64 for temperature monitoring
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