Question How could I position the fans to get good CFM in this case?

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Nov 10, 2022
Hello! I'm getting ready to build a new computer, and I'm thinking of getting either this case or this one. The first one has no reviews and I'm worried it would be hard to clean since the front grate is behind the fans. The second one should keep out dust pretty efficiently, but I'm worried it might not get good airflow so I'm hoping y'all can give me some advice.

The front of the case is mostly covered by the front panel, with a mesh area at the bottom. It comes with an rgb fan behind the meshed area and an exhaust fan at the back. The specs say a radiator can't be installed on the top for some reason, only the front or back.

I'd rather leave the front fan where it is so I don't want to put a 360mm radiator in the front. Could I install a 240mm radiator above the fan, and if so, would it be able to suck in in enough air behind the plate?

My other thought was to install a 120mm radiator in the back and put the built-in fan on the top of the case, with three intake fans in front. Would the front fans suck in enough air to keep the case pressurized even though two of them would be covered by the front plate?

Would either of these configurations provide good CFM, or is there another way that would work better? Any thoughts?

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