How do companies get away with saying a tv is 800Hz


Nov 28, 2015
I was looking through amazon and found an advert for this tv.

The tv title goes like this.
"Panasonic TX-49EX600B 49-Inch 800 Hz Widescreen 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play (2017 Model) [Energy Class a]"

Notice the 800Hz refresh rate statement? I am wondering just how do companies get away with this and what is the logic behind it. It just isnt possible to get an actual refresh rate of 800Hz. Can anyone explain the company's reasoning behind putting such a ridiculous number and why do advertising regulators let them get away with it?
Because they aren't lying, as nowhere does it claim that is the signalling rate it can accept on any input, or even the panel's internal refresh rate

A proprietary, trademarked feature name like BMR (Back Light Motion Rate) or BLS (Black Light Scanning, which means alternating black frames) can mean whatever they like it to mean. Presumably from the name it's related to the PWM frequency of the backlight itself which can easily be that high, but it doesn't have to. They could just as easily be referring to the clock of its internal ARM CPU.

Hz is a generic unit for frequency, it's used for tons of different things, it's not a special "refresh rate unit". They could list 800 MHz and be talking about the internal processor, and it would be a true statement. If they just put 800 Hz in the title without labeling it, and you just assume it's talking about the refresh rate, unfortunately that's your fault.
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