Question How do I add more memory to this system?


Apr 2, 2008
I have DDR3 unfortunately.
The good news is that, now that I know I have two slots open on my motherboard, I can double my memory.

Or can I do even better than that? Apparently, I have two memory cards inserted into my motherboard and each card is of 8 gb of memory. With the two empty slots available, do you think I can insert two memory cards with 16 or 32 memory each or more? What are your thoughts on this? I had a look at what it looks like and saved a video. It is just a minute Have a look:
You have a total of 16 now.

In what way isn't that enough? What is wrong?

If you add more RAM to the existing 16, you may have compatibility issues.

If you remove the existing 16 and use only the new RAM, you should be able to avoid compatibility issues.

But that may not improve performance in any noticeable way.