How do I connect my laptop to my desktop computer


Mar 1, 2010
Can someone help me? I have a RCA black box from COMCAST which controls my phone/internet/cable. Now I have a netbook I bought a wireless router and don't know how to connect. The ethernet cable runs from my computer (back of the computer) to the black box. HOW do I set up this router? Comcast said they can't help and Belkin said they can't help so can someone please help me?


Nov 11, 2009
I'm having the same problem right now with a Belkin N150 router. I will say it's not just a problem with Belkin. I had an old Net Gear router that stopped working with Comcast as well, which lead to the replacement.

I did get it to work once by following Comcast's instruction on their support site. Here's what they say to do:

1.) Turn off everything including the computer. Make sure the modem is actually off (no lights). This may require using the pin hole in the back. Leave everything off for at least 90 seconds.

2.) Connect an ethernet cable from the modem to the router (the yellow port). This is likely the cable going to the computer now.

3.) Turn on the modem. Wait for all the lights to come on. I waited an addtional few minutes to be sure.

4.) Turn on the router. Wait again.

5.) Turn on the computer.

The first time I did this, I had it working. However, when setting up the security settings and configuring the router, it stopped working. After rebating the above with everything setup correctly, it did not work. So obviously it's not the right way to do it.


Feb 28, 2010
Taking you title as the question, you say how can you connect your laptop to your desktop. This implies an 'ad hoc' solution so that you can share files. Your statement however is for something different.

If you simply wanted to connect laptop and desktop then a direct cross-over cable would suffice.

However if what you really want to do is create a home network where the laptop can connect to the internet independently from the desktop (ie desktop switched off) then you need to setup a proper network. The desktop with its LAN cable is one client. You then need to connect the laptop, via the wireless, to the router.

Your initial setup may best be achieved if you connect the laptop to the router too and then run the Network Connection Wizard. It will show you, by means of pictures, different setups. Chose the one with the two computers connected independently from the router and away you go.