How do i reinstall my windows 10, remove all files except for one where i have my important stuff?

Jan 6, 2019
So i want to reinstall everything on my PC, i have Win 10.
I'm planning to create a folder which is over 150gb. I wish to remove everything but that folder.
Is this possible??

Sorry for the bad description. Also using 3 x 64gb USB sticks isn't possible.



if you put the folder in your documents folder, it will save it if you do a reset and keep files/settings
settings (Files = library folders. Library folders = Documents, pictures, movies, music (the default folders that come with windows). Settings = logins and desktop)

but if you want to wipe everything except that 150gb folder, it becomes more difficult.
can you look in disk management and take a screen shot, share it to an image sharing site and show link here. Depending on what motherboard you have, and what format drives are currently

if drive is already GPT then you might be able to put the 150gb into a partition by itself and just delete all the others on drive and reinstall windows.
if drive is MBR, then the motherboard might need to be set to legacy so you can keep a partition on drive, wipe C and reinstall windows again.

if you have 2 drives, you can put 150gb folder on 2nd drive, unplug it from PC and reinstall win 10 and once its completely installed, reattach other hdd and use folder. that is the easy way.

Personally, I would backup all your important files to a cloud based system.
Failing that, you need an external hdd and copy it all on to that.

Colif is correct if you are technically minded enough and trust yourself to do it, it will work.


150gb upload might take a while, especially if your internet is slow. I hate to imagine how long it would have taken me when my upload speed was .75mbit per second, uploading 40gb of music took me several months (though that wasn't constant, I often paused the upload at startup just to get some bandwidth). oh the joys of having a 1.82mbit/.75mbit connection... and it was fast back in the day. I don't miss that speed.



I strongly urge you to have that folder saved to some other location during this.
You can make all the right choices, click all the right boxes...and it can still go wrong.

Is that data worth $50?