Question How do I stream with an i5 6600k?


Jun 28, 2016
Hey there,

I've got an i5 6600k at 4.4ghz paired with a RTX 2060 and 8gb ram 2400mhz OCied at 3000mhz (which is likely not overused during stream)... I use OBS to stream games but the stream starts to stutter in intensive areas.

I usually stream Valorant and GTA V using NVENC Codec.

I stream Valorant at 1080P 60FPS with stream stuttering at minimal times in intense fights
And GTA V was unwatchable at 1080P 60FPS at 3500KBPS when intense graphics areas occur.
I switched to 720p 30, profile to "maximum performance" from "Quality" and even set to Priority "Above Normal"... there was comparatively less stream lag but it was there in intensive areas

My CPU usage is 80-90% in Valo and 90-100% in GTA 5 without streaming.

I get fine FPS in games while streaming but the streaming does not go well in intensive areas.

As I get Quite good FPS, I can comprimise with the in game fps for the sake of quality of Youtube Stream. Maybe by providing more share of resources or prioritising OBS more...

Please Suggest Some Solution/Settings or I can just not stream any better with this hardware...?


Cpu is in the upper ranges of being maxed out without streaming. What's it like while streaming? Especially for Valorant which still has some leeway.

What sort of system drive do you have? Cpu may be reaching maximum usage but also with 8GB ram, the pagefile on the system drive could be accelerating beyond comfortable levels. Windows consumes 2~3GB for itself, that's not an entire 8 for you to use for other things. An SSD would kinda help pagefile performance but not so much for an 7200Hdd, much worse 5400.

A cpu with more threads / more ram, a combination of both would be ideal for what you want to do.
I usually stream Valorant and GTA V using NVENC Codec.
Open task manager while streaming go to the details tab, find nvcontainer.exe and increase it's priority to the highest you can which should be real-time since it doesn't use much CPU there is no danger in doing that.
If you use a third party tool like process Hacker you can save this setting so you won't have to do it every time you reboot.