Question How do we stop every video game from crashing???

Oct 18, 2019
So almost a week ago, my bf got to my place with his PC and set it up. At first it was working fine, then the same day, we started seeing visual glitches, the screen was flickering until we tabbed out of the game (only the game was showing these visual glitches), then when tabbed back in it would stop sometimes temporarily, sometimes completely. If the glitches started again right away we would restart the game to get it to stop again. So we thought that the graphics drivers were messing up. We updated them and then every game we tried playing that after that, crashed anywhere from probably around instantly to 15 minutes.

We tried changing drivers many different times, verified integrity of files, we've even used a DDU to wipe the drivers completely then reinstall them using Geforce Experience. We've tried reformatting the computer, we've even checked to make sure it wasn't the RAM by using the windows memory diagnostic and it said nothing was wrong. We've updated and also reinstalled windows to see if there was any errors that had to do with windows. I checked direct x to see if it was up to date because the game Dead By Daylight gave me errors like

"Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 200] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')"


"Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 1119] GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 120.00 secs"

Which I'm pretty sure the D3D device is the direct 3D device which is a component of direct x. So we're confused and tomorrow we're going to be trying to swap GPU's to see if it's the GPU that is messing everything up. I would like to know if anyone might have any ideas on what to do and anything you might think is wrong with the PC. (Also if the elevation of a plane might do anything to mess up a desktop computer).

intel i7 8700k
Geforce GTX 1080
MSI Z370 Gaming Motherboard


Dec 5, 2015
When he moved the PC to your place, did he remove the GPU? It is highly suggested to remove CPU cooler and GPU while transferring a tower because most of the time that extra weight causes damage to the motherboard from the sudden movements while turning or bumps on the road.

I do believe the GPU was damaged but it might also be the PCI slot, so try first in another slot and then in another PC to confirm that it works or not.