Question How does gpu boost clock affect overclocking?

Aug 4, 2019
Say a gpu is running 1000mhz base with 1300 boost clock. Does overclocking do anything if i can only reach like 1200 stable oc? Or does oc affect boost clock in some way as well?

idk how it works exactly and my logical thought about it is if i cant even reach beyond the boost clock speed, there would be no point since the gpu would already automatically boost to that speed which is faster than my oc.
I think Overclocking is way different than the BOOST clock values, IMO. Some cards are factory overclocked so you don't have to OC them to boost the core/mem clocks, but we can still OC them via any Overclocking tool (depending on the GPU model).

I think OC is a MANUAL thing which a uses does from his side, according to his needs. People OC to even higher clocks than what was advertised by the GPU manufacturer (factory defaults, but obviously within the power limits).

BOOST clock will work automatically, when the GPU needs it, and is under LOAD. OC on the other hand is a manual way to OC out of the BOX, if I'm not mistaken.

Though, I'm not fully sure whether OC also effects the BOOST clocks values or not.
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