Question How I can create a beautiful PDF that also allows you to copy and paste the text on it?

Mar 25, 2020
I created in Canva a pdf design that is a questionnaire, the idea of this pdf is that people can copy the questions from the pdf and paste them wherever they may need to. The problem is that after creating it in canva and downloading in pdf format, it is virtually impossible to select only the text, it selects all the design features I have on there or the whole page (image), plus, the text that is kind of selected when I paste it, it is all backwards, completely unreadable.
I'd say you're using the wrong tool for this task. PDF are made to be read-only, or to support fillable forms.
I have never used your tool, but you can create fillable forms with Word, and save them as PDF. For full control over PDF layout, you'd probably need to switch to professional product.