Question How I increase vram for gaming!

May 7, 2019
hii, im a laptop user and using a hp laptop , I upgrade my ram to 12gb but i only have 576 mb vram as showing in screenshot and my BIOS is not allow me to increase vram by taking some from my actual ram. My specs are i5 4th gen , 12gb ram , 1tb HDD and having a integrated intel hd graphics 4400. I saw a video which says if u have 4gb u will get 512mb vram in iGPU and for 8gb ram users will get 1024, im having 12gb ram but can even get 1024mb vram , I play pubg in tencent buddy , It cant even run in 30+ fps while in lowest possible graphics and resolution! someone help please!
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The VRAM in Intel Integrated graphics is dynamically allocated. You can reserve a certain amount in the BIOS, but I believe that tops out at the 576 MB you're seeing. Reserving it doesn't really do much, except prevent other computer functions from using the reserved memory. So you really don't need to reserve that much unless you're having a problem with other programs grabbing up most of your RAM (which shouldn't be happening with 12 GB). Leaving it at its default (usually 128 MB) is fine in most cases.

If the game you're running needs more VRAM than is reserved, the iGPU will dynamically use additional RAM as VRAM. The process is automatic - you don't have to do anything. For Intel HD 4400 graphics, the maximum is 2 GB.

The HD 4400 is not really sufficient for games like PUBG. Adding VRAM won't help. You will need to upgrade to a desktop or laptop with a better GPU.


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