[SOLVED] How long does it take to get graphics card back after they fixed it?

Feb 20, 2019
can you help me guys, pls share your experience:). This is my first experience to have a defective graphics card and to use warranty too.
Feb 18, 2019
I think it would be best if you contact the company you sent it to. They can give you precise details.
And that's for sure the best advice. In some extra cases, serious companies like ASUS or ACER provide shipping overseas and back. With serious defects found, they simply exchange the device for a new one without any fee and fixing if the problem is not your fault due to overheating or something else, just because the status of huge good company. Also, in my country (for example) local dealers usually take the task to help you with any warranty issues if any occurs. Of course it depends, but the time of fixing or change, shipping and so on could be even several months. To be honest, all depends from particular situation, dealer or seller and e.t.c. But eventually, with a legal warranty at hand, you'll get your unit back as fast as possible, because it's not in the interest of company to hold it longer than testing and fixing (changing).