Oct 20, 2011
I think it Dell Certified Data

CPU - Phenom X4 945 3Ghz will goes up to 3.4 Ghz OC

GPU - HD 4600, kinda broken for games, works perfect for video editing.

HardDrive - 800Gb 3GBs 7200 (Wiped)

4 Old Rams, 4 New ram 8Gb

400Watt PSU

Case has 2 120mm fans.
Very sleek, easy to open. attachments.

All Cords included.

2x Optical Drive DVD burner

I did a HardDrive Test, working perfect, PSU supplies is good, runs cool Check check check.
Only issues is GPU for gaming.

I might move some stuff from this computer to my new computer. So list what I can sell as parts, and list what I should just recycle.