How much time it's possible to use it?


Jan 4, 2013
i7 3960x
16gb corsair Vengeance
ASRock Extreme11
ax 1200i corsair

how much time do you guys think it's possible to use this rig before getting problem with ram(upgradable to 64gb) , bottlenecks with gpus and low power supply?
almost all programs are 32 bit

The exception that you might use is Adobe CS 5 or later .
No other programs or games can use more than about 3.2 gig of RAM . EVER

Yes programs may move to 64 bit as operating systems did , but there is no real pressure to do so since it wouldnt actually improve performance .
You will NEED 64 gig of RAM in about 2036

but by then cpu's will be 3D organic blocks of jelly , and RAM will be quantum states in graphite atoms

so basically NEVER