Question How should I go about lowering temps in this build?

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No way are they slapping rgb and Gaming on things that don't deserve them... can I interest you in this gaming chair with rgb? Costs us $45 to make but for you, $450

I am still waiting on that RGB Gaming printer. You can get rgb printers (not covered in rgb, they can print rgb) and can get Gaming printers but not in one unit.

RGB covered monitors? Surely that isn't distracting, when rest of PC has carnival lighting you need something to get your attention back on the screen.

Also, no one thought of gaming toothpicks yet

My rgb only exists as I figured, if I am getting a side window with a dark tint, be nice to see something inside. Its also hard to get some things without rgb on them now, Graphics cards come to mind. Hard to be picky right now when just finding the parts is a struggle. The most colourful thing in my PC is my ram as I have it on multi coloured pattern to fight a change that Corsair made to their software recently, everything else is a dull blue. Problem with glass sides is mine is always dusty inside (or that is my room)

I want brown rgb, get back to me once you done that :)


Aug 26, 2020

lol. just noticed that 1st sentence doesn't make any sense. I think the S2 closer to Define S2 - Steves video on it says as much, its a Define S2 with a mesh front and a few changes

Its possible the glass sided one doesn't have any sound dampening material unless its on the metal side of case and I forgot. If i had choice, I would have got new one as front is a pain to remove on S2 but I don't have to do that often. I like how filter works on top of the case on yours too. My PC made before new ones released.. just.
Cool, thanks for the info on that. Makes a lot more sense now. Quite happy with the Meshify 2... the previous build and S340 elite taught me one thing... to never again buy a case without an open front and room up top for the radiator.

So much focus on making everything RGB so that people buy products simply based on looks, assuming all else is equal or presumably close to it.

Very much not the case (pun somewhat intended).
Yeah... RGB. I guess I'm in the minority on this one. Last build was a white case with black interior... and so is the new build. Lighting consists of white LEDs. Keeping it simple. I've never understood the infatuation people have with their PCs looking like someone blew up a box of Skittles inside... can't really picture my build having multi-color rainbow looking fans but to each their own. I'm 46... maybe I'd have liked it more when I was 20 but RGB wasn't really a thing back in those days IIRC.

Although I do find it hilarious the amount of money ppl spend to outfit every single fan port with lesser performance rgb fans, full TG towers, commander or node pro, just to park the case under the desk where they can barely even see it.
We are in agreement on this one. :LOL:


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I think RGB lighting has a place, but usually it is done via poor design and functionality.

However, I am in agreement in the disdain that is the multi-color pinwheels splashing color everywhere. This seems to appeal to the 11 year old kids who watch Minecraft and FortNite streams.


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Colours are weird, just watch videos on Colour blind glasses. And realise not everyone sees the same colours as you do. Sometimes I would watch these videos and wish I was colour blind just to experience new colours like they do putting the glasses on.

thinks we should get back on topic before someone tells us off :)