How to benchmark FarCry?


Aug 2, 2002
Hi everybody,

I just got FarCry and it looks amazing! Even, on my little Radeon 8500. I'm really impressed. I haven't figured out yet the impact of all the Advanced Video Options on game performance. I was wandering if anyone here, know how to benchmark this game?

I really liked the HALO "built-in" benchmark, this was very useful to find the appropriate settings to run the game at decent FPS.

I searched over the net, but I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I haven't any clue or evidence of built-in benchmarks or command line options of this games.

<b>NOTE FarCry vs HALO :</b>
I really think the the HALO dev. team didn't made a good job when they coded for the PC. I barely get 15 to 20 FPS (in 800x600) in this game. I was thinking that my Radeon 8500 would never run future games. So, I was a bit worried when I got FarCry. I expected to get less than 20 FPS in 800x600, because of my HALO experience. But not! I'm really impressed with the FPS, I actually run the game in 800x600 with "average quality" and still get more than 100 FPS (measured wiht FRAPS).

And I will try higher quality setting tonight to see how this impact FPS with FRAPS.

The only 2 options that mess up the display is WATER and LIGHTING, I have to test these options a little bit more to conclude that they don't work with my Radeon 8500.

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Jan 13, 2003
To bench the game, you need the "paid for" version of Fraps to record a timedemo....there is another way, but I'm still under nda and cant talk about it... :wink:

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Feb 20, 2003
Type \r_displayinfo 1 in console to see FPS. Best setting for me (3200 A64 2300mhz, 1gig OCZ ram, 9700pro @ 9800pro):

1024x768x32. Low AA. Max AF. Everything on maximum except lighting and shadows on medium = 30-100FPS. Very smooth and nice graphics......

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