Question How to buy a new monitor when my power outlet makes new monitors flicker?


Nov 13, 2017
Right now I have 2 monitors. One of my monitors (Acer V225HQL, it has an external power brick) works perfectly fine. No flicker, nothing, works perfectly fine. My other monitor (NEC E222W, no external power brick, works with a generic power cord) is flickering using my power outlet. It works fine right now because I have positioned the power cord just perfectly fine and taped it to the monitor so it can't move. It works perfectly fine with a different power outlet so I'm assuming that's the problem but then I don't understand why my main monitor works perfectly fine with this one. I'd like to buy a used monitor because my main monitor's screen is too small for me and the panel is pretty bad. After the context dump is over my question is the following: Is buying a monitor with an external power brick going to fix my issue? As my Acer monitor works just perfectly fine in this outlet. Or is my NEC monitor working badly? It was perfect in the other power outlet (tried multiple times, was always flickering in my power outlet but never in the other one. By flickering I mean whiteish lines going from bottom to top but still gives picture). Thank you very much for your answers!