[SOLVED] How to clone 120GB SSD to blank partition on 240gb SSD?

Hello, I have been wanting to do this for a while!

I currently have a 120gb SSD with Windows 10 and some programs. This 120GB SSD is 70gb full and has a recovery and EFI partition.

I also have a 240gb SSD with a 135GB partition used for games, an EFI partition, and an 85GB blank partition.

I would like to clone my whole 120gb drive (main partition and other small partitions) to the 85gb blank partition on the 240gb SSD without disturbing the other game and EFI partitions. Is this possible?
I have been using Macrium Reflect to clone my 120gb SSD to the 240gb SSD but I'm worried I may destroy the game partition on the SSD if I proceed.

Here is a screenshot from disk management.
View: https://imgur.com/8ikr8gN

Can anyone provide some insight?

I'm sure USAFRet could help with this.(y)