News How to Close Your Laptop and Use an External Monitor

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This is very useful for running a plex server (which I do) on an older laptop with win 10 and 4gbs of ram.
Or, for relatively light tasks and for those laptops that don't get much heat through the keyboard.

The other side to this is, for a gaming laptop this is a no-no. An awful lot of heat comes up through the keyboard on a gaming laptop, and with the lid closed, it can cause damage to the screen over time. Maybe you can include that in the reasoning for doing this, and advise gaming laptop owners to consider a different solution.
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Oct 12, 2022
While I get the reasons why many people use a laptop, I'd go crazy using a flat keyboard all day long in addition to the heat from all laptops. There is a lot of room for improvement on laptops IME.
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