Question How to communicate between devices on different routers with different ip address ranges

Mar 19, 2019
I am trying to access devices on a secondary router ( range) in a lan network from a device on the main router with ( range).The secondary router is connected to the main router and assigned an ip address of and then the secondary router assigns the devices connected to it ip addresses in the range. How can I access the devices on the secondary router just by entering their address in a web browser?


Just to be sure, the first router is the NightHawk with a 192.168 scheme while the second is a 172.20 scheme and they are connected to each other?

I did some digging and I am not sure the Nighthawk will allow to do what needs to be done. We use Sonicwalls here and have a 192.168 and a 172.16 network but they are setup in the same firewall and we have access rules that allow them to talk when needed.

Yours is a bit different since it is two routers which would need VLan routing however since it is a consumer router I am not able to find that it does support such a feature.
You need to buy a actual ROUTER. The devices you buy in the consumer stores maybe commonly called routers but they are much better called gateways. They only real purpose is to share a single IP on the wan port with the devices on the lan.

The reason it does not work is the same as why someone on the internet can not get access to your internal ips. The NAT makes all your machines appear as a single unit. You can to a point use port forwarding rules to get a limited number of machines to work but you will not get full access to all the machines.

Pretty much you need to start all over with your network design if you really want to do this and use the proper equipment.