Question How to connect USB tethered desktop to wifi printer ??

Mar 16, 2019
I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last few hours. I have a old desktop that I’m using my phone as a USB tether so I can surf the web. I’ve tried to connect my brother printer (mfc435w) via software setup but when it goes to the dialogue to display possible devices on the network it doesn’t show anything. I’ve used a manual Ethernet port and this fixed the problem however I am not able to use Ethernet to where I would like to place the computer. If I buy a USB wifi adapter with install CD will this fix the issue and allow me to Connect to the printer or is the problem simply that I am using a USB tethering device ?

Thank you!


I believe it is the tethering, the phone will use the Cell network as your default route not your wifi, probably because you can tether over wifi or USB and they can simply switch between USB and WIFI clients. Maybe there is an app that you can select WIFI as your source IDK have not seen one.

yes you are on the right track, will need to get a WIFI adapter of some sort so you are on the correct network to see the printer.