News How To Control NeoPixels With WLED


May 26, 2010
Nice tutorial! I've set up WLED on many different but compatible ESP-based MCs. Works well and it's a super easy way to control neopixels, its lightyears more versatile and much easier than Arduino libraries such as FastLED! one thing that may create a headache if following this without prior experience is after flashing WLED, successfully connecting to the WLED app GUI, then navigating to options, LED setup. The screenshot shown here under hardware setup shows GPIO 2. If using a wemos D1 mini and the user has soldered the data line exactly to D4 as shown in the fritzing image at the beginning of the article then the GPIO will need to be changed to GPIO D4 vs leaving it assigned to GPIO 2 because it won’t work without knowing what GPIO to send the data signal to.
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