Question How to correctly reuse current ssd in a new build?

Dec 22, 2022
I'm in kind of a tricky situation here. I'm going to be doing my first ever pc build soon, and I was wanting to reuse my ssd in my current system in my new system. I just had some questions so I would know how to do it safely and correctly.
I'm going to install a new m.2 nvme into my system, and accompany it with my current samsung 860 evo. I was wondering how the installation process for that would be? I do not want to lose anything on my ssd.
How should I install windows and keep the files on my ssd?

Note: My current pc is an old alienware x51 and i recently ran into hot cpu temp problems which led me to buy a new heatsink that unfortunately did not work. Three of the four screw holders on my old heatsink have broken off, which will not let me securely place the heatsink on top of the cpu. I have not used my pc since last month when the temperature problems have happened, but i am willing to use the old heatsink if using the pc is necessary for my situation.

Sorry if the situation is confusing, i'm 16 years old and kind of a newbie at this.


You'll be installing a new OS in the new system, on the NVMe drive.
You can't reuse the applications from your old drive and system.

While your system is working with the current drive, you need to save all your personal files off to some other device.

Just the personal files, not any applications.
Game files, like on Steam, can also be reused.

For the OS install, have only the one desired drive installed.
Reconnect any others (your old SSD) later.