How to create a system hdd without the os cd


Jul 31, 2011
Hello, I have a new hdd that I want to put into a computer with 2 hdds that have both failed at 1 time or another. The latest wirking hdd had windows Vista on it, and the hdd now says that he registry is faulty. Should I try loading a Suse Linux live dvd? or is there a method to format the new hdd with something like Winxp system files?
a new hard drive needs to be partitioned and then formated for the operating system and motherboard you want to use with... Partitioned if the motherboard chipset wont recognized a large size harddrive... Formats choices for Windows Vista or XP is FAT32 or NTFS... Yes you can format a harddrive without loading the whole operating system, from any OS windows Disk... need to press a F# option to do that... by passes the auto install... and gives you Disk maintenance options...