News How To Delete a Directory or File in Linux


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This is the only way to remove a repository. Windows is so retarded when it comes to deleting files

rm -fr repo folder

bam gone. Just don’t ever do that to the root of your drive or you will be sorry and you better have back ups

I love Linux and I’m so glad that I can install the Linux subsystem but you know I’d rather use Linux natively. If you install WSL and a distro, then your windows VM or image is gigantic whereas if you set up the virtual machine to just run Linux, you have the full OS and everything you need in a small virtual machine

I just recently built an Ubuntu distro VM for building all of our software products on a daily basis I need to set up Jenkins. Setting up a development environment in Ubuntu was light years ahead of windows as I said windows is basically retarded. It’s a retarded child OS

When 2025 rolls around if my machine is still running windows 10 it’s going to be converted to Linux and I don’t think I’m ever going to run windows natively again because I can make a windows VM with GPU pass through if I wanna play games
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