News How To Easily Send Files Between Devices With Sharik

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Sounds kind of complicated. I've been using the File Manager Plus app on my Pixel 4a phone. I just click the option "Access from network" to set the phone into FTP device mode. Then I just type the ftp address into windows explorer file manager and copy the files over. Its actually easier than that as I have a shortcut on my desktop with all the info already entered into it, so 2 clicks on that (or 1 if I add it to the taskbar) and I'm ready to go. You can vary the port in the address if you want and add a password for security if that's a concern. And with windows file explorer you can browse all of the storage folders on your device to see what's there. Plus open 2 file explorer windows and drag and drop files between devices.

(This latter part is especially important with a Pixel 4a phone since if you try to use a usb c thumb drive to transfer files you're limited to the 4 GB file size that's allowed under the fat32 formatting that Pixel 4a demands on thumb drives.)


Jan 15, 2021
in my opinion we should really have file sending and clipboard as easy as right click - send - choose you device
no matter what device/ OS you have. windows, linux, osx, android, else

how you going to achieve it? you should be able to find it through wifi/ bluetooth automatically and approve from both sides
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