How to fix dell inspiron 15r or any other laptops blue screen error window?


Nov 8, 2011
I have an Inspiron N5010 dell laptop. Suddenly before day before yesterday my system was showing blue screen with some hexadecimal numbers being displayed i switched off the system immediately and the system refused to start after that but in the late evening it started and i could work on my system and see all my saved data in my system too but after an hour or 2 again the system displayed the same blue screen i switched it off and then next day morning i started the system again and gave it in memory debug mode it completed till 91% and then again switched off. Now whenever i switch on my system it first shows 2 options 1. Launch start up repair recommended 2. Start windows normally. When i select 1 it loads file for recovery but goes back to the same page with option 1 and 2 again and it’s a loop. Once i select 2 next time it reaches the Starting windows and the laptop gets stuck. Please help.

You should not have ignored the HEX Numbers. Those are stop codes on the blue screen which point you to the cause, provided you search for their meaning. If the following link does not help, you may have to reinstall OS from CD