Question How to fix ez debug of Boot, vga and dram MSI h310m pro-vhd plus

Jan 25, 2020
One month ago i built a pc with the following components:
-MSI h310m pro-vhd plus.
-8gb ddr4 2400mhz corsair vengeance.
-gtx 1650 4gb msi aero itx edition
-i3 9100f.
-EVGA 500w 80+ white

when I'm going to turn on my pc, it doesn't turn on, at that moment I thought it was because of the connection to electricity but it wasn't like that, after reviewing what the problem was, I decided to take apart my pc and so check all the components, I knew that the problem didn't I came from the PSU because I put it with another old motherboard that I have home and works well, like the graphics card, the RAM equally discarded it because I doubt that it is damaged in less than a month, my final conclusion after a whole day testing components and ways to fix the problem is the motherboard, the chipset heats up too much just turning on the PSU but does not start anything, try a screwdriver making a bridge to turn on without the box and did not turn on, then try forcing the ignition through the PSU making a point between the green and a black cable, everything turned on but the Ez Debug of the motherboard turned on more lights "boot, vga, dram" which means that it does not recognize the hard drive, the graphics card and the Ram, I have really tried many things on my own, and my hopes that the mother is still alive are very few, through this post I hope you help me or recommend something.